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The PlaySoup brand has been creating custom characters for over 25 years.  For more information, contact us.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. How much do custom puppets cost?
    It depends on what you want the character to do, how precisely you want the character to match your conceptual art, and how large you want the character to be. Does the color need to be exact? Does the character need to a special mechanism? Will it be used outdoors, or indoors? These factors (and more) determine the cost of puppets and costume characters.


2. No really, how much do you charge to make a puppet?
    Custom puppets are expensive, and every puppet is different.  I have a dayrate basis for custom work. Email for a precise bid. 
***EFFECTIVE 5/01/17, PlaySoup will charge a one time $25.00 fee for guaranteed bids. If you order a character, this amount will be deducted from your final balance.


3. Do you also build props and sets for puppets?
    Our expertise with puppetry enables us to create many props and sets you may need. We can also help you avoid problems by designing props and set that will work for puppets.  Dave Privett has won two Emmys for his set and prop work on puppet video projects.


4. I want my puppet's eyes to blink. How much does that cost?
    Once again, it depends on the design of the character. Mechanisms are bid on a time to build basis.


5. Do your custom puppets come with a warranty?
    PlaySoup, LLC guarantees our workmanship against defect for 30 days or 30 performances, whichever comes first. There is normal wear and tear, however, which is highly dependent on your treatment of the puppet. A custom puppet is like a bespoke garment- expensive and unique.

6. How long will it take you to finish my puppet?
    A simple moving mouth hand puppet typically takes 1-2 weeks to build. A complex one can take much longer. We work on a first come, first served basis. A non-refundable 50% deposit holds your place in line. Please contact us regarding our construction schedule.


7. What about copyright issues? Who owns that?
    The short answer is PlaySoup, LLC does. Conceptual artwork is only a starting point. Hence the word, "conceptual." There is a world of difference between a flat image and a three dimensional character. The two are not the same.

    As part of the design contract, PlaySoup, LLC assigns ownership of the created physical puppet to the buyer. This includes the right to reproduce the character in visual media for advertising or promotional purposes only. All other rights are reserved by PlaySoup, but can be secured through a licensing contract.

    Some clients choose a buyout option. This means that for a one time fee, the client purchases ancillary rights to reproductions of the character in all media- photo, merchandising, plush, film & video, toy licensing, and reproductions of any sort. As PlaySoup, LLC is relinquishing all future claims upon the character, this fee is substantial, but fair. As a courtesy, we do ask for a credit on any film or video product.

    Under no circumstances (licensed or buyout) will PlaySoup, LLC relinquish ownership of the patterns, prototypes, materials, drawings, designs, techniques, research, knowledge or any other materials used in the construction of the character. All work product is considered proprietary to the design process and is PlaySoup, LLC property.


8. Can I come and see how you build puppets?
    PlaySoup, LLC has a closed shop policy, so we don't allow visitors.  Kristofer and his team  are available for conference teaching and construction workshops.

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