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PlaySoup is under

New  Management!

June, 2018

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Kristofer Sommerfeld & Dave Privett

Kristofer Sommerfeld (left) and Dave Privett (right) shortly after closing on the deal.

As the managing member of and designer for PlaySoup since the founding 17 years ago, Dave Privett is proud to introduce PlaySoup’s new owners: Kristofer and Amanda Sommerfeld.

Kristofer Sommerfeld has been designing with Dave’s patterning and puppet building techniques since 2006. Kristofer and Amanda are talented puppet performers and builders who have been personally trained by Dave to continue creating the popular Hubie Toobie, Tiny Toobie, and Gleep characters. As Dave said, “Kristofer was my first choice to take over PlaySoup. We’ve known each other for many years, and I trust Kristofer and Amanda to continue building these characters to the highest standards. They strive for excellence in everything they do, and I can’t wait to see where they take the PlaySoup brand.”

Kristofer and Amanda are very excited about this new opportunity. "Almost everything I know about puppet building I have learned from Dave. I'm proud to be adding PlaySoup's creativity to our family of products!"

Press Release

About Kristofer...

Kristofer Sommerfeld

Kristofer Sommerfeld is a respected puppeteer and puppet builder in the field of Christian Puppetry and teaches at national and regional conferences as well as “one-on-one – team training” for churches and ministries. He is the owner of Kristofer Sommerfeld Productions™ and it's brands "Puppedcation™" and "PlaySoup®"


He is a master puppeteer as well as an advanced puppet designer/builder. He has been involved in puppetry, creative arts and children’s ministries for most of his life. His ministry experience began with kids camps, children’s church, school clubs and YMCA preschool clubs.


His ultimate passion is for people to know the true Heart of God and His love for them. He loves to see God do the “impossible” and bring complete healing to people – body, soul and spirit.


In 2012, he had the opportunity to meet Kevin Clash (former puppeteer of Elmo) and was able to show him some of his work. Clash was impressed with his skills and this led to a personal invitation to the Jim Henson Company workshop in Long Island City, NY as well as a visit to the set of “Sesame Street” at Kauffman Astoria Studios.


Kristofer is currently serving as the President of the Fellowship of Christian Puppeteers organization and the Director of Evergreen Creative Ministries™.

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