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Our 6' tall Hubie Toobie is now available in SHUFFLE! The most versatile full-bodied blacklight puppet in the world.  The Shuffle toobie features 4 black light colors - orange, yellow, pink and green!


Deluxe: The Deluxe Toobie has a separate head with moving mouth. Requiring two puppeteers to operate, one puppeteer controls the body and the other controls the head. The head can be used alone as a puppet.


Standard: This Toobie moves exactly like the Deluxe, but the lower jaw is hinged and doesn't require a puppeteer for movement. The STANDARD head cannot be puppeteered, as it's a floppy jaw only. You must order a DELUXE to get the head with a puppeteering mouth grip.

Shuffle Hubie Toobie

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