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Want to create mechanisms in your puppets? This is the video for you!


In the first two volumes, you learned how to pattern and create your own hand puppet. Now in Volume 3, learn how to create durable moving eyebrows and eyelids. This video show you:


- How to create a talking picture prop

- How to build a control line mouth grip

- How to create surprise eyebrows (eyebrows that raise up)

- How to create blinking eyelids

Sketch To Show Vol. 3: Building Mechanisms DOWNLOAD


    This file is downloadable in the .zip format. It's easy:


    1. Add to Cart & pay for the download via Paypal (Credit Cards accepted)

    2 After payment, you'll automatically be returned to the download page.

    3. Click the "DOWNLOAD" box in the lower right hand corner.

    4. Allow time for the download to complete- some of these are big files!

    5. Open the .zip file using a free unzip program such as Stuffit Expander (Be sure to specify MAC or WINDOWS)

    6. Once unzipped, your file will appear on your computer.

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