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When designing a puppet how do you create a puppet shape from an original piece of art?


Before now the only way to learn was through trial and error. But now, the wait is over...


Introducing for the first time ever on a 2 DVD combo pack is the best selling original puppet building videos “from sketch to show vol 1&2, patterning and finishing a puppet”.


This exciting program from PlaySoup will teach you the secrets on designing, building, and finishing your own puppet character.


Emmy award winning puppeteer and designer, Dave Privett, has over 30 years of experience creating original characters for live productions, themed attractions and major video productions.


You’ll go into the designers studio and learn the same original, revolutionary process that many  builders learned from to create original puppet shapes.


From Sketch to Show will make the complex understandable. You’ll learn how to properly cut and glue foam, build quality mouth grips, build posable hands with removable-internal arm rod attachments, how to choose fabrics and material, how to dye fleece and how to shave it to prevent future pilling. 


You’ll learn the 6 step process for creating fabric patterns to cover a puppet.


In addition you’ll learn how to make ears, noses, eyes, and even how to create your own custom eye shapes.


You’ll see everything you need to take your art from Sketch to Show!


“From Sketch to Show Vol. 1 & 2, patterning and finishing a puppet” now available from PlaySoup!

Sketch To Show Vol. 1&2 DVD

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