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In Volume 1 "Patterning A Puppet" you learned how to create and pattern your own moving-mouth hand puppet. In Vol. 2 "Finishing A Puppet", you'll learn the techniques and tips to finish a puppet as you follow "Art" on his journey to completion.



- How to make a simple mouthgrip

- How to make poseable wireform fingers

- How to create durable eyes & form plastic

- How to dye Antron fleece


Sketch To Show Vol. 2: Finishing A Puppet DOWNLOAD

  • This file is downloadable in the .zip format. It's easy:


    1. Add to Cart & pay for the download via Paypal (Credit Cards accepted)

    2 After payment, you'll automatically be returned to the download page.

    3. Click the "DOWNLOAD" box in the lower right hand corner.

    4. Allow time for the download to complete- some of these are big files!

    5. Open the .zip file using a free unzip program such as Stuffit Expander (Be sure to specify MAC or WINDOWS)

    6. Once unzipped, your file will appear on your computer.

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